BrushPicks Keychain 15

PRICE: £1.99

The Doctor's® BrushPicks® 60 Packet

The World's Best Toothpick!®

Our Keychain packet is the 15 pick pack of the Doctor's BrushPicks. Convenient size that can be clipped onto a Keyring, tucked into your back pocket, or left in the car.

Try a packet of these today as The Doctor's BrushPicks:

  • Safely removes food debris
  • Stimulates gums to promote periodontal health
  • Helps fight gingivitis

Why Use the Doctor’s BrushPicks®?

Daily use of The Doctor's® BrushPicks® will produce a noticeable improvement in your oral health in just two weeks.

  1. Improved with Plyalene® for longer bristles.
  2. Extends between teeth gently and easily.
  3. Brushes away debris.
  4. Stimulates gums.
  5. Will not harm dental and bridge work.
  6. Maneuvers and is held easily.
  7. Safely scrapes away plaque.

1. Insert brush and rotate/slide back and forth.

2. Gently slide the pick back and forth, up and down.

3. Use flexible brush tip to clean molars.

Lots of Brushpicks.....Improved with Plyalene® for longer lasting bristles!

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