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If you were asked to pick just one beauty product to take with you to a desert island, how hard would you find it to choose?

For me, the answer is simple. I would fill my suitcase to the brim with the INSTANT CALM CREAM by PHASILAB and be on my merry way.

I have been in love with this product from the moment I first began using it, well over a year ago now, and I must admit that I would be a little bit lost without it!

This cream is described as ‘rapid soothing care for reddened and irritated skin’, with rapid and soothing being the key words. When applied to the skin, the cooling ingredients get to work immediately, leaving your skin feeling wonderfully cool and fresh, and relieving any irritation instantly.

I often use the INSTANT CALM CREAM in the mornings as my day cream, as not only does the cooling sensation really wake up my skin, but the light-weight texture is quickly absorbed, making it the perfect base for make-up application without creating any excess shine. Great news for anybody with an oily complexion like myself, who is in the market for a daily moisturiser. 

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, this cream would be ideal to take on holiday to relieve sunburn, or to calm skin conditions. On occasion, I develop eczema around my knuckles, and this product has been a real lifesaver for keeping the irritation at bay.

This is a fantastic product from the experts at Phasilab (who are fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands), and I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough.

Going back to my opening question, if you had to pick just one, what would your desert island beauty product be?

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