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As I approach the latter end of my twenties, I have come to learn that there is no better time to start using anti-ageing products.

Everything takes its toll on our skin - the elements, pollution, every day stresses - and very often, the delicate skin under our eyes is neglected in favour of looking after the skin we have everywhere else. Sound familiar? I know I'm guilty.

It has always been my misconception that anti-ageing products were designed for mature skins, but the more I have been using the AGE CONTOUR FORTE FLUID from Phasilab, the more I wonder why it has taken me so long to realise the importance of investing in the future of my skin.

This eye cream is a pleasure to use, and a little really does go a long way. I apply the smallest amount beneath my eyes and gently massage in to the skin, taking the product round to the outer corners of my eyes, and up on to my eyelids, to ensure that every area around the eye is treated to the benefits of this product.

Let’s talk about those benefits, shall we?

The AGE CONTOUR FORTE FLUID promises to strengthen and protect the structure of the delicate skin beneath the eyes, with fast-absorbing peptides that reduce skin inflammation (a primary cause for breaking down skin elasticity, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles, which we do NOT want!), as well as hyaluronic acid to re-hydrate the skin.

This product promises to reduce the appearance of crows feet and dark circles, due to active ingredients that rejuvenate the skin beneath and around the eye.

Whilst I can't comment on the success of this product with regards to reducing the appearance of crows feet, I do feel confident that I am taking good preventative measures for the future with this eye cream. 

What I can comment on, however, is how much of a reduction I have seen with regards to the dark circles under my eyes. I’ve been a fitful sleeper for the best part of my life, and the dark circles under my eyes have always been a telltale sign of this. After twice daily application of the AGE CONTOUR FORTE FLUID, I can see a noticeable difference, and without makeup my eyes look much brighter than they ever have done.

Another excellent product from Phasilab, and another staple product in my daily routine!

I would love to hear your thoughts on anti-ageing products in the comments below - do you currently use them? If not, would you try them? Are you ever too young to start taking steps to look after your skin for the future?

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