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If you were asked to pick just one beauty product to take with you to a desert island, how hard would you find it to choose? For me, the answer is simple. I would fill my suitcase to the brim with the INSTANT CALM CREAM by PHASILAB and be on my merry way. I have been in love with this product from the moment I first began using it, well over a year ago now, and I must admit that I would be a...

Posted On: 01/01/1970


As I approach the latter end of my twenties, I have come to learn that there is no better time to start using anti-ageing products. Everything takes its toll on our skin - the elements, pollution, every day stresses - and very often, the delicate skin under our eyes is neglected in favour of looking after the skin we have everywhere else. Sound familiar? I know I'm guilty. It has always...

Posted On: 01/01/1970


Summer is fast on the approach, so todays post is talking all about a must-have product for the warmer months. The INSTANT CALM SPRAY from Phasilab is skin relief in spray form. Like its sister product, the Instant Calm Cream (and my absolute favourite moisturiser), this product delivers all of the same skin relieving properties but in a lighter formulation that you simply spritz directly on to...

Posted On: 01/01/1970