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In recent years, micellar water has been the talk of the Internet within the beauty world, with bloggers, Youtubers and beauty journalists hailing the many benefits of this revolutionary cleansing product.  Let's start with the science... Originating from laboratories in France, micellar water (eau micellaire, en Français!) is a water-based solution consisting of 'micelles', microsco...

Posted On: 01/01/1970


Summer is fast on the approach, so todays post is talking all about a must-have product for the warmer months. The INSTANT CALM SPRAY from Phasilab is skin relief in spray form. Like its sister product, the Instant Calm Cream (and my absolute favourite moisturiser), this product delivers all of the same skin relieving properties but in a lighter formulation that you simply spritz directly on to...

Posted On: 02/06/2015